Fragrances 101

by Scent 4 Cent on Sep 24, 2018

Fragrances 101

As if selecting a fragrance from the Myriad of Designer Brands wasn’t daunting enough. We also have to choose the strength from Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Parfum, Eau De Cologne. What makes them different and moreover more expensive?

Selecting the right concentration is just as important as choosing the perfect scent. Too light and it is going to fade away too quickly. If it is too strong, it is going to empower you (and everyone near you), which is a quick way to ruin an otherwise lovely scent.

Fragrances 101

In making a Fragrance, the oils that give the fragrance are blended with a carrier like alcohol. The alcohol controls the concentration of the scent and how long it lasts.

First you have to understand how these fragrances are made. Manufacturers blend the natural and synthetic oils that give fragrances their scent with a carrier like alcohol. This stabilizes the scent and dilutes the oils to create what you smell on your skin. The alcohol is just as important as the oils because it controls the concentration of the scent and how long it lasts.

Although, each individual’s reaction to a fragrance is totally different, and the longevity of the fragrance is relative to a lot of external factors, below is a basic guide .


This is the highest concentration of fragrance (usually between 15 – 30 percent perfume oil). It is enough to make the scent strong, noticeable and last all day. The sillage is always very noticeable with these variants.

Eau De Parfum (EDP)

They are made to last all day (concentration is usually 15-20 percent perfume oil), but not as empowering as the Parfum. Many of the new men’s fragrances also come in this concentration.

Eau De Toilette (EDT)

Eau de toilettes have a lower concentration of perfume oils, usually 5 to 15 percent, and are made to have a lighter wear on the skin, not necessarily lasting until the end of the evening.

Although when selecting a fragrance, one must follow their own instincts and tastes, its usually said that EDPs are for night time and EDTs are for daytime wear.

Eau de Cologne

With a very light concentration of perfume oils (usually 2 to 5 percent). These are great to just spritz on an freshen up. Not meant for all day lasting wear.

Eau Fraiche

Like eau de cologne, eau fraiche also has a very low concentration of alcohol, sometimes 1 to 3 percent. The difference is that colognes are mixed with alcohol like traditional fragrances are. Eau fraiches are mixed with mostly water and serve as a quick refresher without a long-lasting scent.